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People are always asking...


Q. When do you do searches?

A. SEASAR responds to search requests from authorities, usually police. We get called out about three to seven times a year.


Q. Will I get paid?

A. No, this is strictly a volunteer service. In fact, it will cost you money to be a member. Members who achieve annual volunteers hours meeting government requirments may be eligible for a tax deduction. 


Q. How much does it cost?

A. First year membership is $25, and $25 each year after that. You'll also be responsible to buy and maintain your own equipment.


Q. What training is required? Do I have to pay for that?

A. Before you can go on a search or field operation, you need to complete a Basic SAR Skills Course which is about 60 hours long. We charge a fee to recover the cost of the text books. You’ll also need to have a current Standard First Aid with Level ‘C’ CPR or higher. From time to time, we offer first aid courses at no charge for SEASAR members.


Q. Is more training available?

A.  Absolutely. Most of the training after the SAR Basics Course is subsidized or available free. Tracking, swift water rescue, technical rope rescues, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Amateur Radio License are some of the opportunities.


Q. What about equipment?

A. The team has a lot of gear but you will need some basic personal equipment for survival and comfort while in the field.


Q. Are there age and fitness requirements?

A. You must be at least 18 years of age. We have members from the age of 18 to 70 years old. Obviously, the more physically fit you are the more challenging assignments you’ll be able to do. If you can hike about four or five hours with a 5kg pack, you can probably do search and rescue in our area. In addition, there are always support roles to be filled. 


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